SpacePole®Payment Paddle

Maintaining separation
at the point of payment
Now with antimicrobial powder coating

SpacePole® Payment Paddle

Maintaining separation at the point of payment  

The SpacePole Payment Paddle enables a payment terminal device or mobile card reader to be attached to one end of an ergonomic handle, ideal for using at the drive-thru, for home delivery and point of sale applications. It’s an effective way to take payments securely and safely for both customers and staff.

The Payment Paddle is compatible with all major payment terminals using our unique MultiGrip payment device adapter.

  • Arm’s length payments
  • Protects payment devices from drop and cable damage
  • Flexible design to accommodate various payment terminals and functions
  • Ergonomic operation for taking payments
  • More secure PIN entry and easier contactless payment for customers
  • Speed up transactions at the point of payment
  • Reduced threat of theft
  • From 1st November 2020 antimicrobial powder coating is applied, as standard, to all SpacePole® metal products ordered in black. More details on our antimicrobial webpage.

Many applications require separation between the customer and the operator whether at the drive through or at quick service restaurants, manned toll kiosks, or paying for fuel. Physically handing over the payment terminal to the customer over a distance with an extended cable provides opportunity to drop and damage the equipment.

The SpacePole Payment Paddle protects people, payments and technology, where the physical distance between operator and customer occurs in the workplace.

For help and advice on how the SpacePole Payment Paddle can be used in your business, please get in touch.

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Why choose the SpacePole Payment Paddle?

With separation between staff and consumers at the point of sale a health and safety the new normal, it’s important that solutions to manage the point of sale are not only fit for purpose for taking secure card payments, but also easy for both staff and customers to use. If your business has been looking into how to extend contactless card payments whilst being able to maintain social distancing, then the Payment Paddle is an ideal solution.

A drive thru extension arm such as the SpacePole® Payment Paddle can be used in many settings, not just at the drive thru, but also for fast service restaurants, home delivery and at any point of payment that requires physical separation to be maintained. At Ergonomic Solutions, one of our missions is to ensure that all of our products help businesses to work efficiently, safely and comfortably, and the Payment Paddle is no different. With two extended lengths, great for use as a drive thru extension arm, the Payment Paddle enables a payment terminal device or mobile card reader to be attached to one end of an ergonomic handle. Depending on your specific requirements, the payment paddle provides compatibility with all major payment terminals. Ergonomically designed, the Payment Paddle offers a truly flexible solution for a variety of businesses.

Our dedication in designing products that not only meet requirements but exceed them, is one of the reasons why our products have been sold in more than 80 countries and have formed part of more than ten million unique installations to date. As a trusted supplier to around 60% of the world’s top 50 retailers, our payment solutions offer a secure and robust way to speed up transactions and minimise the threat of theft or tampering.

Whether used as a drive thru handle, a payment terminal for socially distant deliveries, in a bar or restaurant, our Payment Paddle is an effective way to take payments securely and safely for both customers and staff. The SpacePole payment paddle is designed in consultation with our in-house ergonomic experts

If you would like any more information about the SafeGuard payment paddle or any of the other products in the SafeGuard product range, contact the team for assistance.

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