Ergonomic Solutions for Mounting Technology

Ergonomic Solutions is an established, leading global supplier of innovative and ergonomically designed technology mounting solutions including mPOS, POS stands, mounts and enclosures for point of sale technology and tablets. They are developed in partnership with global retailers and technology suppliers. Our application areas extend across Point of Sale, Point of Payment and Point of Service.

Antimicrobial powder coating now included in the automated paint process.

Effective 1st November 2020, Ergonomic Solutions has introduced antimicrobial powder coating to its automated painting process. It is being applied, as standard, to all SpacePole metal products ordered in black with the –02 suffix.

SpacePole Duo™

The SpacePole Duo™ sled enables the Honeywell CT40 mobile computer to be paired with a range of payment devices to create an integrated, fast and contactless mPOS solution anywhere. Ideal for shortening the transaction time between customer and operator, reducing dwell time and creating a safer, more hygienic environment.



SafeGuard® Product Group

Customer confidence and personal wellbeing are the driving force behind Ergonomic Solutions' SafeGuard Product Group: offering the SpacePole® SafeGuard Screen, Moving the Payment Device and the Payment Paddle for social distancing solutions and the Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Holder to support enhanced personal hygiene for customers, at your payment point, around the store or your hospitality establishment. 


Ergonomic Solutions for Mounting Technology

Creators of SpacePole®, Ergonomic Solutions is an established, leading global supplier of innovative and ergonomically designed technology mounting solutions including POS stands, mounts and enclosures for point of sale technology and tablet & mobility solutions. They are developed in partnership with global retailers and technology suppliers coupled with the most advanced ergonomics. Our application areas extend across the Point of Sale, Point of Payment and Point of Service. At present there are 10 million unique installations of point of sale stands and other ergonomic solutions, including over 4 million specific payment solutions worldwide. In the retail sector we supply over 60% of the world’s top 50 retailers, making our technology mounting solutions the preferred choice.

Why Choose Us?

With nearly 25 years of experience, the Ergonomic Solutions Group has established an organisation that is built around core values of being agile and responsive to our customer’s requirements.

We are the global leaders in the design and manufacture of technology mounting solutions for the point of sale, point of payment and point of service. These include point of sale mounts, card reader stands and other solutions including tablet and mobility stands, tablet holders, sleds and enclosures.

We have a continuous program of investment in our highly automated manufacturing and assembly processes at our facilities in Denmark and the United States, including in-house robotics, laser cutting, 3D printing and a recently introduced a new fully automated paint shop with a capacity for 3.5 million items a year, whilst at the same time recycling all powder waste.

Watch the video to take a personal guided tour of our manufacturing facility in Aalborg, Denmark.

Global Reach

Ergonomic Solutions has a dedicated eco-system of distribution partners and resellers that supply technology mounting solutions and POS stands as part of their overall customer offering. From Europe, Middle East & Africa to the USA and Asia-Pacific, we offer the support and infrastructure that you would expect from a global manufacturer of technology mounting solutions.

POS Stands

Complete solutions

POS mount solutions for fixed and mobile retail systems, tablet kiosk enclosures & stands, POS display stands and a variety of other Point of Sale stand solutions and applications.

tablet stand

For every application

Our mobile tablet mount & tablet POS enclosures products can help you and your business embrace the latest trends in EPOS systems, tablet technology, mobile payments and more. Pair with our tablet docking station and tablet charging station products.

point of sale mounts

With security in mind

Secure protection and PCI compliance is guaranteed with our ClickSafe tethering lock technology. Keep your Point of Sale equipment safe with security tether cables for retail and other environments, for solutions such as a fixed desktop tablet mount to a mobile card reader case.


View our range of SpacePole products – POS mounting solutions and payment stands for the latest technology in retail, hospitality, events and other industries

pos mount solutions

SpacePole POS

Mounting for display screens and retail hardware

proper pos stand

SpacePole Payment

Mounting for fixed payment terminals

pos stands for in retail

SpacePole Security

Security cable tethers and locking technology

 Tablet Enclosures

Mounting for tablets and smart devices

mobile pos stand

 Mobile Payment

Mounting for mobile card readers and mobility

Ergonomic Solutions latest updates

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SpacePole products from Ergonomic Solutions can be utilised in a wide range of application areas


For Point of Sale

With almost 25 years experience of the retail IT industry, Ergonomic Solutions are the experts in providing POS stands and mounts that leverage technology to provide the best customer experience whether at the traditional static or tablet-based point of sale. Our signature SpacePole product suite is the solution of choice for over 60% of the world’s leading retailers.


For Point of Payment

Payment transactions today are can be mobile, static and contactless. Fortunately, with over 4 million payment terminal mounting solutions in place, we understand the marketplace and the legislation that protects it. Wherever your organisation does business, we have a payment solution that will provide security for you AND your customer.


For Point of Service

Devices such as tablets and their associated apps are the enabler of the customer service that consumers expect and retailers strive for. Our SpacePole range of enclosures, sleds, frames and accessories provide a stable operating platform for a wealth of mobile and static tablet-based applications across many retail and hospitality scenarios.

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