ClickSafe and PushLock Technology

Security Tethers, Security Cables & Locks

ClickSafe & Pushlock secure locking technology

Security is important to protect your devices. SpacePole products are compatible with ClickSafe security tethers, security locking cables, and the simple to use Pushlock option. These security cable solutions comply with PCI physical security requirements and have been specifically engineered to protect your payment terminals and tablet devices from tampering and theft.

security tether cables

Security tether & cables configuration

ClickSafe offers two main security tether options, a double lock curly cable and a single lock straight cable, offering different locking options for a range of hardware and installation applications. Pushlock is a security cable locking mechanism designed to work with our MultiClip universal payment mount adapter. These solutions can turn any kiosk or desktop stand in the retail environment into a locking tablet mount, iPad security stand or a secure lock for your payment terminals. Our retail security tethers and security cables for in retail are the perfect solutions to your security needs.

Choose ClickSafe Security tethers, security cables & locks for payment terminals and tablets

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The Dual Lock Curly Security Cable

The ClickSafe dual lock security cable is designed specifically for our SpacePole mounting solutions. To install the security cable solution you simply click the two locks onto the security tether cables SpacePole anchor and the hardware anchor. A high carbon 7×19 curly steel cable, designed to combat cutting attacks, connects the two lockheads featuring patented Kensington design. The lockheads pivot through 180° and allow for 360° rotation around the cable providing exceptional flexibility.

Retail Security Tether

The Single Lock Straight Security Cable

The single lock straight security cable option is designed to secure a payment terminal to a counter or wall using the anchor point. The carbon tempered 7×7 steel straight security cable is simply looped through the anchor point and clicked onto the hardware anchor on the payment terminal. The ClickSafe die cast metal housing resists attacks and protects the advanced locking mechanism.

card reader stand
  • Custom Anti-skimming solutions can be produced for almost every MultiGrip plate.
  • The anti-skimming solution prevent the payment terminal from being physically removed, and thereby prevent substitution and tampering
  • Anti-skimming solutions exist for terminals made with PIN shield, or without for most payment terminals
  • Our Anti-skimming solutions are in compliance with PCI DSS best practice recommendations

Choose Pushlock as part of MultiClip payment mount adapters

Security Cables for Retail

The Kensington Push-LockTM

The discreet security option

Developed in association with Kensington, the Push-Lock not only secures, but contributes to the elegant and minimalist appearance of the solutions it’s compatible with.

When used in combination with the SpacePole MultiClip™ and SpacePole Solo™ payment mounts, it provides the security you require without affecting the ability of the mount to be turned 360 degrees. The Push-Lock also helps ensure PCI physical security best practice compliance.

The Push-lock is also an option for our SpacePole A-Frame™ tablet enclosure, providing maximum security for any unattended applications such as customer information points, price look up or self-service for food delivery and takeaway ordering.

Simple to set up with just two screws, Push-Lock removes the need for tethers which take up space, and can reduce the functionality of some solutions.


• SpacePole MultiClip
• SpacePole Solo
• SpacePole A-Frame

SpacePole Register & Retrieve™

SpacePole Register & Retrieve™ empowers administrators in the management of their lock programs and ensures staff benefit from SpacePole ClickSafe support services without the need to contact their administrator.

This single portal enables easy administrative management of all locks, provides each user with a secure, unique account and ensures that the organization’s assets are recorded and available following any changes of personnel.

Secure protection, no restrictions

The integral ClickSafe dual lock, from Kensington, combined with the quality of SpacePole ClickSafe ensures piece of mind for both the retailer and customer alike. ClickSafe’s security cables for retail superior strength and ease-of-use makes your first line of defense even stronger without any reduction in access or flexibility. Whether you’re looking at adding a security cable tether to a iPad for public use, locking down Android tablets for retail business use in a high-risk area, or simply want the peace of mind that your payment terminals are secure, we have a solution to suit your retail security tether and other security cable needs.

clicksafe payment terminal

Multiple anchor options

ClickSafe offers a range of mounting options from double lock utilizing k-slot or self-adhesive anchor points, to single locks with separate anchor point mounts that can be used in any location.

clicksafe anchor options
clicksafe tamper proof seal

Tamper proof seal included

To ensure that we continue to offer the greatest possible levels of security, we have introduced a security seal designed in accordance with the standards of the PCI recommendations, to our ClickSafe product portfolio. The unique SpacePole security seal is a tamper indicating hologram label with UV print, which will make unauthorized access to the protected object easily detected.

The seal is designed to be applied over the casing seam of the terminal housing and can help reduce the risk of tampering.

Suited to payment devices and tablets

ClickSafe can be used effectively to secure payment terminal devices as well as tablets using our supporting tablet enclosures. Make sure you restrict access and protect your tablet investment using high quality ClickSafe dual lock cables.

clicksafe tablet x-frame

ClickSafe provides security across multiple application solutions

ClickSafe’s superior strength and ease-of-use makes your first line of physical defense even stronger without any reduction in access or flexibility of the protected hardware.


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