SafeGuard® Screen

Safeguarding Social Distancing

The SafeGuard® Screen

Security and well-being at the point of sale

The SafeGuard® Screen is a low cost and simple to install acrylic screen which creates a safety barrier for everyone at the point of sale. It provides social distancing personal protection for store staff and meets customer hygiene expectations. The screen can easily retrofit to existing SpacePole installations or complement existing hardware without taking up any transactional space either in the packing or payment areas.

SafeGuard Screens are perfect for all types of food and non-food retail as well as in hospitality and healthcare environments.

Benefits of the Simple & Effective Solution

  • Curved screen provides excellent protection for operator and customer

  • Screen position can be adjusted to suit preferred working height: VESA mounting compatible

  • Simple design minimises installation costs

  • Space-saving solution providing easy customer access to payment terminals, scanners & receipt printers

  • Retro-fits existing and new SpacePole configurations

  • Easily cleaned with warm water and soap without damage or degradation to the surface

This is an unobtrusive solution which does not affect the current operator/customer interface. For example, the customer display can be on the customer side of the screen, along with the payment terminal and loyalty scanner.

As with all SpacePole products, the screen can be customised, as part of an existing or new installation.

Safeguard Screen with protective film
Safeguard Screen in store

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Why choose the SafeGuard Screen?

Consumer confidence is a key element to any successful business or organisation, whether you’re in retail, hospitality, healthcare, transportation or other sectors. Having personal protection screens at the point of sale is a reassurance to customers that you take their health and well-being seriously. In the same way, plastic screens that act as ‘sneeze guards’ are also an important measure in keeping members of staff safe and feeling protected.

Our acrylic screens, called the SafeGuard Screen, are fully compatible with existing SpacePole installations and can be securely retro-fitted to a countertop or to existing POS hardware in just a few minutes. At Ergonomic Solutions, we’re dedicated to ensuring that all of our designs help businesses work more efficiently, safely and comfortably. It’s one of the reasons why our products have been sold in over 80 countries and have formed part of more than ten million unique installations, worldwide. We’re a trusted supplier to around 60% of the world’s top 50 retailers because our products meet and exceed their requirements and the SafeGuard Screen is a good example of this.

Whether you’re in retail (food or non-food), healthcare, transportation or hospitality, acrylic sneeze screens are now an essential item for areas where optimum social distancing cannot be maintained between staff and customers, such as at the point of sale. Our versatile SafeGuard Screen has been designed in consultation with our ergonomics experts, to help ensure it provides a highly effective solution without compromising on workplace efficiencies.

If you would like any more information about the SafeGuard Screen or any of the other products in the SafeGuard product range, contact the team for assistance.

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