Powder Coating

Helping to Keep Hygiene
at the Top of Your Agenda

Antimicrobial Powder Coating now Included in the Automated Paint Process

For effective, long-term protection from germs and bacteria

Effective 1st November 2020, Ergonomic Solutions has introduced antimicrobial powder coating to its automated painting process. It is being applied, as standard, to all SpacePole® metal products ordered in black with the –02 suffix.


The IGP-DURA®care antimicrobial powder coating is an innovative product. Using the well-known antimicrobial effect of Sanitized® Silver, it prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, and prevents strong germ growth between cleaning cycles, guaranteeing low bacterial attack. IGP-DURA®care surfaces provide an ideal complement to regular disinfection measures.

How does it work?

IGP-DURA®care surfaces provide an ideal complement to regular disinfection measures. 

The special paint additive is activated by moisture (air) to develop its antimicrobial effect. Existing bacteria are continuously inactivated through the sanitised hygiene function, keeping the surface continuously clean.

Which products will be coated/painted?

Products painted with the black -02 suffix will have an antimicrobial coating. This includes our POS Essentials, payment and tablet solutions.

Will it look the same?

Visually there is no difference to the look of the finished product.

Is it guaranteed?

There is no impact on any functionality and products with this coating are guaranteed through their warranty period. The coating is a long-term solution.

Testing and accreditation

Both Ergonomic Solutions and the manufacturer, Sanitized AG, based in Switzerland, have carried out intensive testing of the product on our metal SpacePole range, and we are now officially accredited.

Sanitized AG

For help and advice on how antimicrobial powder coating can help keep hygiene at the top of your agenda, please get in touch.

From 1st November 2020 metal products in black with the -02 suffix come with antimicrobial powder coating as standard. See list below:-

SpacePole Point of Sale
• POS Peripherals
• Accessories

SpacePole Payment
• Fixed Payment Solutions
• SpacePole DuraTilt, Low Profile
• Wall mounting solutions

Specialist Payment Solutions
Accessibility (Accessibility Arm, Paddle, Transport Mounts)

Payment Parts & Accessories
MultiGrip Plates
• Scanner Brackets, Extension Swingarms / Rail Mounts

Tablet Enclosures
• Tablet mounting solutions (TabPos, poles, etc)
• Payment brackets

Mobility (mCase)
• Mobile Computing peripherals

Hand Sanitiser Holder
Moving the PoP
Screen Mounts
SpacePole Payment Paddle


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