SpacePole ergonomic products from Ergonomic Solutions

View our range of SpacePole technology mounting solutions. Whether you are looking for fixed or mobile PoS solutions or implementation of tablet technology anywhere, we can help; with ergonomically designed products that have been developed to meet the demands of high traffic use and are compliant with all relevant security requirements.

Ergonomically Designed Products

View our range of SpacePole ergonomic products. We offer ergonomically designed products and custom mounting solutions for the latest technology in retail, hospitality, events and other industries.

pos mount solutions

SpacePole PoS

Ergonomic mounting for display screens and retail hardware

proper pos stand

SpacePole Payment

Ergonomic mounting for fixed payment terminals

pos stands for in retail

SpacePole Security

Security cable tethers and locking technology for our ergonomic products

tablet kiosk

 Tablet Enclosures

Mounting for tablets and smart devices

mobile pos stand

SpacePole Mobile Payment

Mounting for mobile card readers and mobility

Implementing effective ergonomic practices in the workplace

Taking ergonomics into account when designing and implementing PoS workstations helps to ensure that workers can perform their jobs efficiently, comfortably and safety. We can advise on the optimal positioning of equipment in retail, hospitality, exhibition spaces and many other types of setting.
With ergonomically designed products, the aim is to design for people, to help reduce the stresses and strains of their activity, improve the safety and comfort, as well as to enhance the effectiveness of what they’re doing. As consultants, we use scientific methods to assess potential issues and provide recommendations to help improve work situations, helping to enhance the health and efficiency of employees and reduce work-related injuries and stress.
Visit our workplace ergonomics hub to find out more.


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