Guide for Retailers: COVID-19 Safety & Social Distancing Measures

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Guide for Retailers:
COVID-19 Safety & Social Distancing Measures

Non-Essential retail in the UK has been given the green light to re-open, providing compliance to the Governments Anti-Coronavirus measures are met.

This guide has been developed to help retailers to put in place the specific safety and social distancing measures required in their stores(s) to help protect both their staff and customers as we begin to see a gradual easing of lockdown measures, and adjust to the new normal.   It has been developed using our expertise in technology mounting and mobility solutions in the retail space, alongside the latest available guidance and advice from the UK government and the British Retail Consortium.

Topics covered in the guide include:

  • Carrying out pre-opening risk assessments for staff and customers
  • Identifying risks related to hygiene and cleaning
  • Examples of measures that could potentially be used to minimise these risks
  • Identifying risks in relation to social distancing requirements, inside and outside stores
  • Examples of measures that could be used to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed in a variety of retail settings
  • Effective communication of new measures to customers and staff
  • The potential use of PPE in retail environments
  • The importance of staff and consumer confidence in the new measures

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As the retail industry is challenged to prepare to return to a ‘new normal’. Customer confidence and personal wellbeing are the driving force behind Ergonomic Solutions’ SafeGuard Product Group.

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