About Ergonomic Solutions, our People and our Business

Ergonomic Solutions is a UK based company with a manufacturing facility in Denmark that designs and develops technology mounting solutions for a wide range of devices in many industries including the retail, grocery, hospitality and entertainment sectors.

The Global Market Leaders

Founded in 1996, Ergonomic Solutions has grown rapidly to become a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of the most ergonomically advanced mounting and security solutions for a wide range of static and mobile technology hardware.

Nearly 25 years of understanding of the evolution technology hardware in the retail, hospitality and transportation industries ensures that the latest generation of Ergonomic Solutions mounting solutions leverage technology to provide a combination of best practice in customer experience, and demonstrable return on investment for the end user, in a wide range of applications.

Creators of SpacePole, Ergonomic Solutions are the global market leaders, having supplied 10 million unique SpacePole installations – and in the retail sector we supply over 60% of the world top 50 retailers, making our technology mounting solutions, the preferred choice.

Ergonomic Solutions Epsom office

High Quality Manufacturing

We have an continuous program of investment in our highly automated manufacturing and assembly processes at our facilities in Denmark and the United States, including in-house robotics, laser cutting, 3D printing and a recently introduced a new fully automated paint shop with a capacity for 3.5 million items a year, whilst at the same time recycling all powder waste.

Watch our video and take a personal guided tour of our manufacturing facility in Aalborg, Denmark.

Supporting Change with Innovation

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Keeping the total cost of ownership as low as possible for the retailer drives our design and development processes. Our technology mounting solutions provide a uniquely modular system which allow for the upgrade of hardware with minimal changes to the mounting solution itself. We can also customise and design solutions to suit the specific technical requirements to meet any bespoke customer needs.

Our solutions reflect a new reality. That modularity used so successfully in our traditional static solutions are now helping to deliver a range of mobile solutions that reflect customer expectations. We are also enabling portability by pairing devices, charging them, and providing practical accessories that bring the technology to the customer, at a place convenient to them.

Technology innovation drives change and, for example, the wide ranging deployment and use of tablet based devices within the commercial sector has brought about profound and fundamental change in the way in which commerce operates. One significant result is that much of what used to be static, now has the potential to be mobile – bringing point of sale, payments, customer information and self-service points into totally new environments. Ergonomic Solutions reflects these changes in technology trends in the solutions that it offers with a focus on design and manufacture that unlocks the potential that these devices offer.

The STARS Programme

Our STARS Programme (Striving to Achieve Real Success) is an umbrella term, which brings together our business strategy and on-going  training and development programmes. The training and development programmes are aligned with our company values and they enable us to deliver the business strategy which is directly linked to our vision statement. The Ergonomic Solutions STARS programme and logo is inspired by John Kotter’s well known change management theory.

Over the years we have continuously developed companywide training programmes focusing on:

  • Culture of change based on John Kotter’s theory
  • Insights Discovery Personal Profiling
  • LEAN ways
  • Innovation; converting knowledge and ideas into better ways of doing business

We take training and development  very seriously and make sure to allocate both time and money for employee development so that we can enhance the skills-sets of our personnel and advance the quality and functionality of the products and services offered by our organisation.

Our people matter

Ergonomic Solutions is a fast growing and an innovative organisation with a highly skilled and focussed workforce. It is one, however, that takes pride in keeping the familiarity and family feel that is part of our heritage. We set great importance in creating a work atmosphere that engenders a good work/life balance reinforcing employee satisfaction and enhancing productivity.

We believe in celebrating and sharing the things that happen in life. Work anniversaries, birthdays, childbirth, marriages and other big events, are all recognised whilst we also support and help our employees as much as we can, in difficult times.

ergonomic solutions warehouse team

Working together from day one

Ergonomic Solutions is a company that excels in low staff turnover. Many of our personnel have been with the company for in excess of ten years. We believe that from the moment that they begin their career with us, that we give them the opportunity to further develop themselves in terms of their skill-sets and their own personal development. We use the Insights Discovery Personal Profiling which enables us to work to the strengths of each individual employee and allows them to understand the methods that will enable them to work most effectively with their peers and managers.

We ensure that every new member of staff undergoes a comprehensive induction programme taking in all aspects of the organisation, and not just the department to which they have just joined. This leads to a greater appreciation of our workflows and processes which is a vital ingredient as they get to understand the workings of the organisation on a day to day basis.

An annual Ergonomic Solutions team survey is undertaken and receives very satisfactory results. Whilst optional, staff members are keen to take part and know that their input is not only appreciated but taken notice of as we prepare our plans for the future.

At all times, our HR department is there to support all members of staff on a daily basis ensuring that our core values and behaviours are understood and at the heart of our organisation.

Our Mission

To develop and supply innovative mounting solutions which help our customers implement technology in a user-friendly, secure and space efficient manner.

Our Values

Passion to be passionate about our business; about our customers, people, products and brands
Excellence to be the best in quality and customer service
Motivation to celebrate success, recognising and rewarding the achievements of individuals and teams
Integrity to be honest and ethical in our actions, communications and our use of resources
Continuous Development of our people, products and processes

Our Vision

To be the world’s leading provider of technology mounting and mobility solutions at the Point of Sale, Point of Payment and Point of Service.

Our Goals

• To be the natural choice of our customers by delivering the highest levels of value, quality and service, coupled with timely and honest communications

• To provide a challenging, fun and growth oriented environment which encourages our employees to be highly productive whilst growing both personally and professionally

• To outperform our competitors through continuous improvement in our products, quality and speed to market

• To generate sustainable, profitable growth to enable continued investment in our company and fair returns for our shareholders

Management Team

about kieron tonge

Kieron Tonge

Ian Dewar
Group Managing Director

Richard Hyman

Richard Hyman
Non-Executive Director

Morten Jensen
Non-Executive Director

about patrick prior

Patrick B Prior
Non-Executive Director

Charles Irvine

Charlie Irvine
Non-Executive Director

Ian Dewar
Chief Executive Officer

Per Bjerring
Chief Operations Officer

Andrew Latham
Chief Financial Officer

Mette Haslev
Human Resources Manager

Ralph Lambers
Chief Product Officer

about carina tonge

Carina Tonge
Customer Satisfaction Champion

David Clark
Chief Marketing & Enablement Officer

Mark Crysell
Regional Sales Director – Northern Europe, MEA & APACS

Armin Riemenschneider
Regional Sales Director Europe

Aaron Johnson
General Manager, SpacePole Inc., Americas

Jan B Jakobsen
PCI Specialist

Quality Management System

Ergonomic Solutions (ES) is committed to always meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations by delivering the highest levels of value, quality and service.

We operate the ISOWARE Quality Management System which is fully electronic and meets the demands of ISO9001.

ISO2859-1 inspections are carried out as follows:

Inspection Type Measurement
Goods-in (sample inspection) Standard Inspection level and an AQL (Accepted Quality Level)  of 1.0
Goods-out Special Inspection level and an AQL (Accepted Quality level) of 0.65

Note on above

During the production process we have a number of defined quality inspection of critical-to-quality parameters on our products; for example, tension control and weight controls.

Ergonomic Solutions also report on a comprehensive range of Key Performance Indicators which allow us to monitor the quality of our production, shipping and logistics procedures.

We commit to report on a 12 months rolling average basis on the following KPI’s:

Quality Target Rolling Twelve Month Average

Meeting quality targets performance, 2019

On time deliveries

On time delivery performance, 2019, year to date to all customers

We are proud to announce that from 1st September 2020, the gas used in the paint shop at our factory in Aalborg, Denmark, has changed from traditional fuel based gas to 100% BioMix. This is a green gas based on vegetable oil and animal fat. It will contribute towards a greener environment, and lower our carbon footprint.

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