SpacePole DuoTM

Pay anywhere solution for Zebra TC5X

SpacePole DuoTM – pairing the Zebra TC5x and Ingenico Link/2500i 

Re-imagining the store to remain relevant should be at the heart of every retailer’s bricks and mortar strategy – but it’s a difficult job to balance an attractive environment for the customers, whilst maximising the sales footprint within the constraints of the store environment, allowing product to be promoted in the most effective way. A mobile and agile workforce enabled to take the transaction to the consumer provides not only a great customer experience, it also minimises the space required for traditional point of sale – allowing the greatest flexibility in store layout.

This member version of the SpacePole Duo family pairs the Zebra TC5X Android Touch Computer with the Ingenico Link/2500i mobile payment terminal, to create an integrated pay-anywhere mPOS solution for retailers.

Effective Queue Busting

Getting checked out easily and without delay isn’t just a problem for online customers; a survey reveals 4 in every 5 customers have left a store in frustration at the queuing necessary to complete their purchases and have taken their committed buying decision elsewhere.

Using mobile technology to take payments enables store assistants to provide customer service anywhere in-store. It immediately takes care of those queues, ensuring revenue from the customer and changes a poor customer experience into a great one.

Maximise the return on hardware investment

Pairing the Zebra TC5X with Ingenico Link/2500i payment terminal enables retailers to maximise the return on their existing hardware investment, the DUO™ for TC5X is built around hardware frequently already in operation in the store, so minimising the cost and the time to introduce mPOS.

Easy to engage and simple to operate

The Duo for TC5X is a payment add-on to your TC5X. It consists of an adapter that slides into Zebra’s rugged boot for the TC5X and an m-case fixing the Link/2500i on the back. Quick to engage and release from the TC5X, Duo makes it a perfect solution for mPOS use, where and when needed.

Storage and charging in one

To enable ease of use and storage, the dual charger for SpacePole Duo for TC5X and Link2500i ensures that both the TC5X + Link2500i can be charged in the Zebra cradle at the same time.

A focus on ergonomics

The solution is designed with workplace ergonomics in mind; it’s lightweight with a small form factor and is compatible with a wide range of accessories such as a hand strap, shoulder strap or pouch for ergonomic everyday use.

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Assembly of the Duo sled

Attaching the Dual charger

Duo for TC5X and Link/2500i Specifications

Compatible mobile computers TC51 Android Touch computer from Zebra Technologies*

TC52 Android Touch computer from Zebra Technologies*

TC56 Android Touch computer from Zebra Technologies*

TC57 Android Touch computer from Zebra Technologies*

* Requires Zebra rugged boot for TC5X (SG-TC5X-EXO1-01)

Compatible payment devices Ingenico Link/2500i
Compatible Share Cradles TC5X Single Slot Charge/USB ShareCradle Kit (CRD-TC51-1SCU-01)*

TC5X 5-Slot Charge Only ShareCradle with 4-slot Spare Battery Charger (CRD-TC51-5SC4B-01)

TC5X 5-Slot Charge Only ShareCradle (CRD-TC51-5SCHG-01)

TC5X 5-Slot Ethernet ShareCradle (CRD-TC51-5SETH-01)*

**USB communication not supported

**Ethernet not supported

Duo Sled
Dimensions H: 27 mm x W: 74 mm x D: 146 mm
Weight 56 g
Material ABS plastic
Warranty 2 years
Dual charger
Dimensions H: 61 mm x W: 86 mm x D: 99 mm
Weight 75 g
Material ABS plastic
Warranty 2 years


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