Dock & Charge

mPOS, assisted sales and

self-service in a single solution

SpacePole Dock & Charge™

The patented Dock & Charge is a combined tablet enclosure and stand that maximises the use of your tablet. For mobility, remove the tablet from the dock to bring that personal shopper service or sales transaction to the customer anywhere in-store, or at the table, or take advantage of its secure docking and charging capabilities to bring self-service standalone applications to life.

Docking station

Fast, secure and seamless docking of tablet

With its stylish simple design and packed full of features Dock & Charge enables multiple applications in one solution. It is always available and charged due to its secure charging dock, which includes magnets for fast, seamless keyless engagement. Once it is docked, it can be locked and thereby securely fixed to the pole. It is easy to release again to return to mobile use of the Dock & Charge.

dock & charge dropping test

Dock it your way

We recognise that your application may require one type of mount, or maybe more. Counter top, floor stand or wall mounts are available for Dock & Charge. Remember, you can order the enclosure separately from the mount so that one tablet/enclosure solution can work across multiple applications and locations.

Dock & Charge docking options

Counter mount is an elegant slim dock for counter mounting of the Dock & Charge. It can be either fixed or with tilt and rotation functionality.

For ultimate flexibility the Dock&Charge can also be freestanding with the floor stand mount.

The same docks can be used for wall-mounting of the Dock & Charge.

mPOS in an instant

Dock & Charge is compatible with a wide range of accessories to extend your functionality and can be easily turned it into an mPOS solution. Peripherals such as payment terminals can be mounted directly on to the frame, and are charged through either the USB-C plug or the jack plug which also supports data.

Dock & Charge mPOS

To create a mobile POS, Dock & Charge supports mounting of payment terminal on the back on the enclosure and charging of the device via USB-C

Dock & Charge enables charging of a fixed payment devices via USB-C to create a fixed POS

Dock & Charge enables charging and data connection to a jack plug payment device directly on the frame for a fixed or mobile POS

Protect your people with the right accessories

Protect your people by equipping them with the right carrying aids. Dock & Charge is compatible with a set of accessories such as hand straps and shoulder straps to ensure ergonomically correct carrying and ease of use in mobile applications

Dock&Charge accessories

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Dock & Charge Specifications


iPad 10.2″ (2019)

iPad Air 10.5″ (2019)

iPad 9.7″ (2017,2018)

iPad Pro 9.7″ (2016)

iPad Air 2(2014)

iPad Air (2013)


Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5″ (2019)

Galaxy Tab S4 10.5″ (2018)

Galaxy Tab A 10.1” (2019)

Galaxy Tab A 10.5” (2018)

Galaxy Tab A 10.1” w. S-pen (2016)

Galaxy Tab A 10.1” (2016)


Dock head: 115x115x35 mm
Enclosure: 305x215x24 mm


Enclosure: 550 gr

Peripheral charging

Audio out including data.
External USB-C in/out (power only)

Peripheral and accessories mounting

Placeholder for peripheral mounting on frame
Compatible with hand strap and shoulder strap


Kensington patented lock technology
Kensington key management system

Other features

Access to camera and flash on tablet with Interchangeable camera cover pieces to support different tablets
Access to on / off button on tablet
Access to volume buttons on tablet
Magnet anchors on dock for portrait or landscape mode and easy mounting

Drop tested 



Europe: Patented

US: Patent pending

Canada: Patent pending

Why choose Dock & Charge?

The Dock & Charge tablet docking station is available as an Apple iPad docking station or a Samsung Galaxy Tab android tablet docking station and is compatible with a wide range of accessories to extend your functionality.

Dock & Charge enclosures and mounting pole stands are now available separately so you can configure any combination with the tablet dock. This makes it ideal for using a single tablet charging station stand or enclosure across multiple locations, such as retail or restaurant environments.

In a business environment, chances are that tablets will fulfill both mobile and static workflow operations. Therefore it is necessary to invest in mounting hardware that allows use in both situations, with minimal disruption and downtime transitioning between the two. Having an iPad docking station that can instantly be turned into a mobile payment portal opens a huge range of opportunity for retail, hospitality and events sectors

Dock & Charge, our ergonomic tablet docking station does that by leading from the front. The tablet dock is packed full of features that enable both static and mobile enterprise mobility applications, it is the ultimate tablet charging station solution for iPads and android tablets which suits each user’s personal requirements – seamlessly changing between mounted interaction and mobile applications.


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