C-Frame Low, freestanding

C-Frame Low, freestanding is a low profile mobile tablet mount and supports 10” tablets devices.  There is also an additional option, which enables the devices to be fixed to a wall or counter, providing secure mounting to any surface in a range of configurations.

  • For Apple iPad Air and iPad Air 2 – SPCF021
  • Universal fitting for 10″ tablets – SPCF023

Colour codes:

• Black: 02
• White: 32
• Red: 22
• Blue: 23
• Yellow: 24
• Green: 25

Step 2: Add optional modules and accessories to complete your solution


Cash drawer wrap

A cash draw enclosure helps to protect your cash drawer as well as provide a secure base for the C-Frame High with rotation.

  • Supports APG Vasario 320/420 cash drawers – SPCF101
  • Supports Star CB2002 cash drawers – SPCF104

Wall & desktop adapter

The wall and desktop mount adapter enables the C-Frame Low freestanding model to be fixed securely to a desktop or wall in either a tall or low profile configuration. *Compatible with C-Frame Low Freestanding only.

  • C-Frame Freestanding adapter – SPCF102

Scanner Mount Adapter

Add-on for Socket Mobile CHS series 7 – 1D & 2D barcode scanners

  • SPA119


Top plate for STAR mPOP

  • SPA120