point of sale screen stands

Available in 8 standard colours

Screen top mount – SPV1102

The top mount is used when the solution requires space for the attachment of other peripherals such as a swing arm for a printer or payment terminal to the SpacePole – in addition to the screen. This type of mounting solution is particularly useful where the actual space on the counter itself is limited. Raising the technology above the counter frees up any space that is available.

• Available with SP2 (44.5mm) diameter base poles
• Screen tilt adjustment: +10°/-90°
• Recommended maximum rotation on pole 310°
• 300mm pole (11.8″)
• Footprint Ø97mm (3.8″)
• Cable hole at the bottom
• Internal cable management
• External cable management clip for additional technology peripherals
• Lock ring included for stability and support
• Tools/fixings included

Now you can add the SpacePole Height Adjustable VESA Screen Mount to your screen mounting solution and ensure ergonomics and productivity go hand in hand

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The SpacePole Height Adjustable VESA Screen Mount answers an important ergonomic issue at the point of sale.

Being able to simply move the screen up or down to suit the individual user decreases the possibility of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), and assists productivity at the workstation and even an increase in staff turnover. Upgrading a workstation with an easy to fit Height Adjustable VESA Screen Mount takes away many of these issues, in an instant.

The mount is simply added between the screen and the VESA plate. This innovative solution can be installed on new SpacePole installations as well as retro fit to any existing installation already in place. The VESA Adapter plate has a small form factor and is only 15mm deep and gives a movement of 180mm in total, 120 mm up and 60mm down.

Mounted at a seated or standing position at the Point of Sale the Height Adjustable VESA Screen Mount enables screens to be positioned with easy and comfortable access from a neutral posture.

Compatible with: Screen Mount, Screen top mount, Back to back, Swing arm and Elbow arm


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