card reader stand adapter

MultiGrip™ adapter

MultiGrip is our tried and tested payment adapter solution to fit the largest possible range of new and existing payment terminals. Using soft rubber grips to secure the terminal in place and compatible with all our pole mounting and card terminal stand systems, there is a MultiGrip solution for every requirement.

MultiGrip is made from high quality steel and is available both with and without handles, offering accessible use for all customers. From 1st November 2020 antimicrobial powder coating is applied, as standard, to all SpacePole® metal products ordered in black. More details on our antimicrobial webpage

MultiGrip is compatible with ALL payment terminals on the market with new devices being supported on release.

Accessibility for all is a requirement and NOT optional. Ordering your MultiGrip plate with the handle option enables easy grip for customers with disabilities to reposition the terminal for seamless payment with just one hand.

When selecting our payment terminal mounting solutions, you should always consider disability legislation compliance with regard to counter height and easy accessibility for wheelchair users. Our Accessibility Arm answers this eventuality and is compatible with our MultiGrip plates.

Compatible with the following mounting options:

DuraTilt ®
SpacePole Stack™
Low Profile


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