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Base Plate

SpacePole®  Base Plate   

Bringing even greater flexibility to a range of SpacePole mounting solutions


The SpacePole Baseplate allows for the maximum flexibility for a wide range of hardware using the SpacePole range of technology mounting solutions.

Already in use around the world to mount tablet solutions in bar, restaurants, and retail applications, by major hotel and entertainment chains, it allows maximum flexibility for the use and placement of tablet and payment solutions. A requirement on one day may not match that of another. The base plate allows your solution to be picked up and moved to the most appropriate location.


The SpacePole Oval Base Plate is compatible with following mounts:

Verticals: Hospitality, Speciality Retail, Banks, Exhibitions/events

Segment: All levels

Product range: Point-of-Payment, Point-of-Service

Use case: Customer display, digital signage, menu ordering, customer interaction, Point-of-Payment

•    Maximises the use case for tablet point of sale and payments
•    Free-standing
•    Easy maintenance
•    Enhances cleaning practices
•    Modular approach (fits multiple pole mounts)
•    Easy to stock (CHANNEL – via QD’s)
•    Ideal for temporary usage

The SpacePole Base Plate allows for even greater flexibility for a wide range of hardware using the Spacepole range of technology mounting solutions.

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