Accessibility Arm mounting solution

Are you offering customers with disabilities the same seamless payment methods as your other customers? Our Accessibility Arm is ideal for environments where access is difficult or wheelchair use is required. The Accessibility Arm for payment terminals reduces and improves height and reach distance for disabled customers and as well as offering easy operator adjustment when customers need assistance. It also provides privacy for PIN entry and contactless payments for those in wheelchairs.


  • Compatible with all standard MultiGrip and MultiClip payment device adapter plates
  • Full tilt and rotation functionality using attached handle
  • Ensures smooth operation of terminal for both customer and operator
  • Simple cable management for clean installation
  • Compatible with ClickSafe locking technology cable tethers to keep it compliant with PCI physical security requirements
  • Ensures compliance with local accessibility legislation
  • Remember to add MultiGrip with handle option for optimal customer adjustment
  • From 1st November 2020 antimicrobial powder coating is applied, as standard, to all SpacePole® metal products ordered in black. More details on our antimicrobial webpage.

Antimicrobial powder coating is now included in the automated paint process, for effective, long-term protection from germs and bacteria.

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