Moving The Payment Device

Extended Swing Arm and Rail Mount

Moving The Payment Device

Extended Swing Arm and Rail Mount

Governments are providing safety guidance to help retailers with store re-openings that include making every effort to comply with social distancing in-store and using contactless payments at the checkout. Retail is having to re-imagine their stores in terms of how they handle staff-customer interactions at the point of sale. The personal wellbeing and security of store assistants and their customers is now critically important. These two high-quality cost-effective solutions help with the changes needed to provide customer peace of mind.

SpacePole® Extended Swing Arm

Extending the reach of your payment device from your POS location

• Extended swingarm (up to 600mm)
• Attaches to existing SpacePole configurations

Adding an extended swing arm enables you to present your payment device to customers without compromising social distancing best practice. With an extended swing arm of up to 600mm, staff can control the distance between themselves and their customers whilst continuing to provide privacy, safety, and security as they complete their payment transaction.

This addition to the SpacePole product family is built to the same modular design concept of the SpacePole range and is compatible with all major payment terminals using our unique MultiGrip payment device adapter.

Rail Mount Solution

Relocating the payment device

• Relocate the payment device away from the operator to the end of the checkout
• Minimal disruption to the customer experience

Designed to be fitted to existing checkout furniture, the SpacePole rail mount allows retailers to distance the payment terminal moving it away from the checkout operator to comply with social distancing regulations. The solution still provides a safe and secure transaction point for the customer and is confirmation of a responsible customer care strategy at work.

Easy to retro-fit, the Rail Mount is compatible with all SpacePole payment mounting solutions

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