In order to tempt the current and future generations of fans away from large screen TVs at home to attend more live sporting events in person, many stadiums have been embracing technology to improve the entire experience and promote engagement with supporters. In addition to this, digital technology implemented in fan zones, corporate hospitality areas and other parts of the stadia can increase advertising opportunities and partnership revenue too. Some of the most popular implementations of this type of hardware include:

Concourse payments

On event day, having a concourse full of hungry and thirsty fans is great news for revenue, but it can be a frustrating and stressful experience if queues are slow-moving. There is often only a limited period of time when supporters can buy their refreshments in some sports, so the speed of service is an important issue for maximising revenue. With card and contactless payments able to be taken securely by staff at every counter, this can speed up the process significantly, helping to alleviate long queues as well as increasing the number of people able to be served in the available time. View our success story when working with Crystal Palace FC.

 Promoting inclusivity for all supporters, including those with disabilities

Many sporting associations, and notably top-tier football clubs in England, have promised to continue improving facilities and provision for fans with disabilities. This type of mobile tablet technology can be of great assistance in improving the match day experience of fans with disabilities due to the fact they can be used anywhere on the premises by dedicated members of staff. Clubs can use these devices to take food and drink orders during the first half so that fans with disabilities can have their refreshments delivered to their seat and don’t have to navigate the busy concourse during half time.

Other ways to help ensure that all fans feel included in the match day activities can include supporters using fixed tablet devices in various locations in the stadium to send their own content to a big screen pitch-side, or even vote for their man of the match or enter exclusive competitions.

Sports PoS Mounting Solutions

 Corporate hospitality – ordering service

Many stadiums, and especially the latest generation of multi-purpose sports and entertainment venues, offer hospitality packages on event days, as well as corporate events, function rooms and many other facilities where food and drink are served. Integrating table-top tablets into venues like this for ordering drinks with pre & post game meals can make a huge difference to the smooth running of events, reduces queueing at bars and means that payments can be taken instantly too, helping to nudge up this type of revenue, as well as making it a better experience for guests and visitors.

 Advertising opportunities

Tablet kiosks in fan zones, on concourses and even on non-match days, during stadium tours or corporate events, can be used to display advertising content. Whether it’s a special offer with a discount for the club shop, advertising upcoming events or fixtures, or advertising on behalf of partners, tablets are perfect for delivering these relevant messages to an already-engaged audience. For example, pre and in-match betting odds from partners can be broadcast when most relevant. The very nature of this type of hardware means that it can be moved around as required, but secured when necessary; able to deal with the rigours of this type of setting.

 Ensuring tablet device security in sports venues

Using tablet technology in an environment that often contains large numbers of people, and often the added element of alcohol and food, makes this seem a fairly challenging setting. However, with appropriate precautions taken, it’s entirely possible to protect tablets from theft and damage, even in this type of location. These risks can be mitigated by using securely mounted tablets (to walls, counters or tables) or safety tethers that are designed to resist tampering, such as the tablet range from the Ergonomic Solutions Group.
Mounted tablets can incorporate chargers in the casing, meaning that the devices don’t need to be moved to recharge, closing another potential security loophole. Even mobile tablet devices, used by staff as they move around the stadium, can be securely tethered to their person, and secure storage and charging options are also available when not in use.

Case Study

SpacePole Stack makes the case for payment mounts Crystal clear

Enabling the very latest technology with a payment mounting solution for cashless payments.  Crystal Palace installed contactless payments at their catering and hospitality areas around the stadium to reduce the use of cash and to speed up transaction and service time during busy periods

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