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Whatever type of pop-up or small business you run, a restaurant, café, bar, eatery, or a retail outlet, you’ll need to ensure that customers can pay for their purchase easily and securely. Every type of business and setting has its own set of considerations and, especially if you’re a mobile pop-up business or change location frequently, this can mean that you have additional problems to overcome when it comes to making the buying journey for customers (and staff) as hassle-free as possible. You might not have the resources of large chain retailers, but customers still expect and deserve to be able to pay for their purchases quickly and safely.

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PCI DSS compliant payment solutions for pop-up businesses

Taking steps to ensure that payment devices can’t be tampered with, is necessary for all businesses in order to be PCI DSS compliant. If your place of business is not permanent, this can complicate matters, but at Ergonomic Solutions, we have developed a range of mobile payment device mounts that offer fixed, semi-fixed and truly mobile options when it comes to POS, keeping transactions as secure as possible.

With our M-Case low profile protective case for payment devices, the card reader or payment device can always be attached to the operator in a mobile setting, or can be fixed to a suitable wall, desk or kiosk where there is a set POS location. This secure mount can be used with a number of different payment device types, and can be coupled with a secure tablet mount for the ultimate in portable efficiency. In a pop-up restaurant, for example, using a tablet and mobile payment device, means that the same member of staff can take the order, serve the food and take payment right at the table, without the need for a separate till area.

In-store payment solutions for independent retailers

Whatever the size of your business, it’s essential to be able to offer card payments or other forms of mobile payment in order to make the purchase experience as straightforward as possible for customers. In a society becoming ever more cashless, enabling customers to pay quickly, easily and securely is a challenge that independent retailers need to meet. We offer a wide range of durable and secure mounts and enclosures for tablets, card readers and other technology, which facilitates a safe and smooth experience for customers, staff and the business as a whole.

Whether you’re a pop-up food truck, are a retailer running in a temporary location, or are a fixed-location independent business wanting to offer your customers and staff an easy and secure way to handle payments, we have flexible solutions to suit.

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As a pop up business with a finite time in a certain location, you face many challenges already that those in permanent spaces don’t experiences, such as finding the right locations, securing a reliable internet connection and managing the day to day realities of running in a temporary location, without all of the facilities you’d have if you had a long-term premises. On the other hand, the benefits of pop up businesses are numerous too, whether it’s a low risk way of testing a new market or business idea, keeping overheads low for a start-up, or diversifying for an established company. Pop up shops can exist in everything from empty retail units or buildings in town centres, temporary seasonal structures, markets (indoors or out), food trucks and even parks or sheds.

When it comes to taking a range of different payment types from customers, this is one area in which pop up businesses have been left behind previously, as the logistics and costs associated with taking digital payments have been off-putting in the past.  However, advancements in technology mean that anyone with a mobile or tablet device and an internet connection can turn their hardware into a payment gateway easily. We have brought together some of the most popular types of mobile point of sale (mPOS) solutions being used by pop up businesses across the globe right now.

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Mobile card readers

A card reader is something that consumers simply expect all types of retailers to have when they wish to buy products or services now. A 2016 survey revealed that 25% of people admitted they would walk away from buying something if they couldn’t pay by card. The good news for pop up retailers is that mobile card reader solutions don’t have to be the clunky and costly versions of old.

One thing to bear in mind when you use a card reader is the security of your machine, especially if your pop up is in an exposed location. It takes just seconds for a card reader machine to be swiped or tampered with, if they are not protected adequately with PCI DSS compliant equipment.  mPOS solutions like card readers can be secured to counters, tills or to the member of staff taking payments, making them a truly flexible option for many types of small business and different retail environments.

NFC readers

These can be built into card reader devices to offer contactless card and smartphone payments and standalone NFC payment devices are also available. This can allow a range of payment types, such as Apple Pay, Android Pay. Ideal for pop up businesses that have an average order value of £30 or less, this is one way for small retailers to maximise the different types of payments they can accept.

Secure online payments

Any tablet or smartphone device used by the pop up business can become a secure payment gateway using one of the recognised services, such as PayPal or Worldpay. Online payments take just seconds and can be an option for those who aren’t quite ready to invest in card readers yet. The beauty of tablets and smartphones is their ability to be truly mobile, and they can be used anywhere within the retail space as long as there is an internet connection. However, retailers do need to consider security issues and take adequate steps to prevent tampering or theft of payment devices, such as tablets set up for online payments. This can be done easily with either fixed mounts or tablet mPOS solutions that allow freedom of movement.


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