Ergonomic solutions for hotels

Ergonomic tablet  solutions for hotels

Using tablets devices to enhance guest experiences in hotels and other parts of the hospitality industry has opened up a whole new level of interaction between customers and businesses. Used in a variety of different ways, tablets can help guests to feel more in control of all aspects of their stay, minimise the customer services input required and even drive upsells. With the right Wi-Fi and tablet infrastructure, this type of technology can transform the experience positively for guests and staff, and give an excellent ROI.

Here are a few ways tablets are used in hospitality environments.

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Using hotel tablet devices for check-ins

With tablet devices available in a comfortable hotel lobby or reception area, guests can check in digitally, at their own pace, avoiding queues and often without the need for staff input as required by traditional hotel check-ins. Tablets can be located in fixed kiosks, secured to tables or walls and in seating areas, meaning that there is a digital check-in self-service solution for virtually any setting or type of space. As guests start to check in, they can be shown any available upsell packages or additional facilities they could enjoy during their stay, helping to drive additional revenue.

Smart hotel rooms – everything at the touch of a button

With clever use of in-room tablets and smart devices, an entire hotel room or suite can be connected and controlled easily by guests. Potential features include:

  • Changing or setting room temperature
  • Controlling television services or music played through the room’s speakers
  • Controlling lighting levels in the room and opening/closing blinds or curtains
  • Ordering room service, wake up calls or housekeeping services
  • Making restaurant reservations and viewing menus
  • Booking spa treatments
  • Connect directly to the front desk/customer services staff

With a host of options for guests to choose from, they are able to personalise their hotel stay through using an in-room tablet, shaping the things that matter to them to help ensure it’s a positive experience for all.

Instant guest messaging and communications

Everyone working in hospitality will have been frustrated, at some point, by the limitations of printed information; whether it involves guest welcome packs, tourist information or service protocol. There is always a lag in updating any changes to this kind of information in the real world. However, digital communications can contain up-to-the-minute info and messaging; whether it’s telling guests about the daily specials available on the hotel restaurant’s lunch menu or displaying special offer information about return stays or local events. Push notifications can be sent to in-room tablets to update all or specific groups of guests with relevant details or information at any given time.

Hotel tablet device security

When it comes to making sure hotel tablet devices can’t be tampered with, used in ways other than those the hotel wishes, or stolen, it’s essential that appropriate security measures are taken.

The software on tablet systems can easily be tailored to only open specific applications and not allow uploading or downloading by guests.

But in terms of physical security, one way to mitigate against theft or willful damage is by using peripherals such as secure fixed tablet mounts and enclosures (to a table, the wall or counter top) such as the SpacePole tablets range from the Ergonomic Solutions Group.

Ensuring tablet devices deliver – day in and day out

Charging cables can also be integrated within the secure mount or tablet enclosure, meaning the devices do not need to be moved to be charged and can deliver 24/7.
With the technology evolving constantly and potentially offering ever more functionality to guests, tablet devices are here to stay in the hotel industry.

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