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A view on the upcoming EU GDPR and PCI DSS at the point of sale

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25th May 2018 - The day privacy changes for everyone The EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)” which will take effect in all EU membership states in May 2018 is a regulation for protection of EU citizens personal identifiable information and the individuals “Right to be forgotten” where individuals have...

Protection against “the liability shift” requires a belt AND braces approach

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Whether you are EMV compliant or not, you cannot afford to take the risk of the fraudulent use of credit or debit card data, or worse still, a data breach of one of your payment terminals. Simple low cost, and effective physical security protection at the point of sale will...

Physical security a highlight at European PCI Community Meeting 2016

Ergonomic Solutions’ PCIP (PCI Professional) Jan B Jakobsen, attended this year’s European PCI Community Meeting which was held in Edinburgh in mid-October. Highlight of the event was an update by Tim Cormier, Manager for Device Standards at the PCI Security Standards Council who spoke on the subject of ”Protecting yourself...

PCI Paula – Simplifying tablet and mobile point of sale security

On October 6, 2016, Posted by , In Industry topics,PCI DSS, By , With No Comments
PCI Paula is back! Mobility and PCI DSS Best Practice  - Simply explained by PCI Paula In the second of her briefings, and newly promoted, Paula takes a look at PCI as it affects tablet deployment and mobile payments. Let her walk you through the requirements and best practices that...

A joined up physical security and PCI compliance strategy is no accident

On April 11, 2016, Posted by , In Industry topics,PCI DSS, With No Comments
A significant investment is made when deploying an estate of payment terminals and so the last conversation that many retailers want to have is about how they have to spend even more money on securing the devices. Our approach is to help merchants and operators understand the risks, and assist...

5 myths about PCI payment security

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The fundamentals of the thinking behind PCI DSS requirements is to protect cardholder data from being stolen. The PCI DSS requirement 3.1 contains 12 requirements a retailer must meet when accepting card payments. Compliance with PCI DSS however, is not only about ticking a box of compliance for each of...


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