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Technology integration: The vital centrepiece at the heart of great customer engagement

With retail no longer limited to the sales floor, retailers recognise that each interaction is now much more than a transaction. The traditional checkout remains important, of course, but customers expect fast, easy, personalised service – regardless of location, device or platform – at every touchpoint. It is from this…

Bringing the SpacePole touch to HP’s Engage One (ElitePOS) point of sale system

In support of the launch of the sleek and versatile HP Engage One (ElitePOS) point of sale system, we are delighted to announce the release of our Engage One screen mount adaptor which enables compatibility with our market leading SpacePole Essentials range of technology mounting solutions. By combining the great...

A-Frame™ : Maximising the tablet revolution

A recent survey from Planet Retail noted that those organisations that utilised technology that resonated with their staff and customers would provide the customer journey that today’s 24/7 consumer demands. The current drive for convergence between online and in-store is providing the ideal platform for tablets to deliver that in-store...

Five Keys to Mastering PoS Ergonomics in Retail Environments

People only tend to notice something’s design when it causes problems, and the same is true when it comes to Point of Sale (PoS) workstations, desks and kiosks in retail stores. A poorly designed solution at a PoS workstation can have a significant negative impact on productivity and efficiency and...

Ergonomics at a railway ticket office case study

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Sitting vs standing - a different approach is required I went to visit a rail company who has completely rebuilt and redesigned their ticketing office at one of London’s terminus stations. The staff are all on board and looking forward to the new facilities opening… the public sure are ready...

Ergonomics and aesthetics deserve equal consideration

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Why include ergonomics in a design? Ergonomics is often seen as something that is “nice to have” rather than an essential part of a design process. Usually, when I see clients who have employees suffering musculoskeletal problems it is because there’s been no thought given to the usability of the...


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