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TL;DR –  The problem retailers are facing is how to react to, and encourage new customer behaviours that depend upon the introduction of new technology, without having to reinvest in a completely new payment mounting solution. This article considers how modularity assists the introduction of new technology, which in turn enables easier scanning of loyalty cards,  simply and cost effectively, using SpacePole technology mounting solutions at the point of sale.

Future proof your technology investment

Ensuring customers continue to choose a brick and mortar store rather than just purchase online is the challenge of the moment. The retailer must provide an experience that resonates with the consumer, from the moment they walk in, to that final payment’s transaction.

Loyalty cards play an intrinsic part of today’s retail landscape with schemes of varying levels of sophistication. It’s clear the consumer is changing their approach to how they handle the issue of ensuring that their favourite loyalty program captures their spend in a way that suits them.

The days of reams of plastic loyalty cards taking up massive amounts of room in a purse or wallet are in decline and cards are often left at home. Digital wallets such as Apple Pay are becoming the de-facto method of payments for many with added functionality to store and retrieve loyalty cards. Many retailers have their store assistants swipe the cards or scan them, but increasingly customers wish to use their smartphones and other devices and do this themselves.

The ability to scan and shop provides for a productivity bonus for the checkout operator as it leaves that task in the hands of the customer. This behavioural change requires a technology upgrade that provides for a scanner, accessible to the customer, and it is here where intelligent technology mounting really pays dividends.

The modular approach inherent with SpacePole enables retailers to upgrade their technology with ease and at a fraction of the cost of by adding to the existing solution.

How do you add a scanner to your existing payment mounting solution?

Scanners are typically attached to the payment terminal stand – the most appropriate place for a customer managed process – just by the addition of a small bracket for the scanner to be securely fixed.

Within the last 6 months, three leading European retail brands have rolled out or finalised their requirements to upgrade their technology at the point of sale to incorporate loyalty card scanning – all adding simple and effective SpacePole based solutions to their existing configurations to address these changing customer behaviours.

In such a progressively complex and ever-changing landscape, retailers need to make future-proof decisions that satisfy their customer’s requirements, both today and tomorrow without restricting their choices and enabling those technologies to evolve.

SpacePole from Ergonomic Solutions; helping to keep the retailer relevant and the customer loyal.

How Ergonomic Solutions Can Assist

Ergonomic Solutions, creators of SpacePole, is the world’s leading supplier of innovative and ergonomically designed technology mounting and mobility solutions with more than 8 million solutions installed worldwide. SpacePole products are modular, meticulously manufactured, robotically tested, and proven in the field.

The SpacePole Essentials patented modular system makes technology upgrades easy. In fact, some customers have upgraded hardware at the POS on to their original SpacePole solution, 3 or 4 times! Take a look for yourself. With 8 million installations worldwide, it is no wonder we are the solution of choice for over 60% of the world’s top 50 retailers.

Please contact us if you have any questions on how to add scanning to collect loyalty program data from your customers, get in touch. Send an email info@ergonomic.solutions or via our contact page here. 


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