Four ways that mobile point of sale can be utilised in live sports venues

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When it comes to live sports venues maximising their revenue on event days – there are several considerations that can have a big impact on the bottom line. We look at some of the ways in which mobile point of sale (mPoS) can play a part in boosting transactions and improving staff efficiency in these environments.

mPoS can be used to expand the available payment points at peak times

It’s a simple principle that the more people who can be served concessions, the more revenue this will bring in. At peak times in live sports venues, queues can be long at the fixed tills, putting off some customers entirely and frustrating many others. With the right mPoS solution, extra payment terminals and staff can be used during busy periods to increase turnover, then reallocated elsewhere when not needed. mPoS units tend to have a significantly smaller footprint than many fixed payment tills, meaning that they don’t take up nearly as much valuable space inside the venue as additional permanent fixed PoS workstations would.

mPoS can travel to the customer

Of course, the beauty of mPoS is the ability to move payment points to wherever they are needed, which is never more evident than in live sports venues.

Whilst some customers like to take a break from the action to visit a refreshment area or kiosk, others want the convenience of not having to leave their seat in order to buy snacks and drinks; especially if they are attending with young families. With staff armed with mPoS devices, customers don’t need to have cash on them in order to take advantage of the food and drink on offer; they can seamlessly make a contactless card payment.

Kiosks within the venue can be used for upselling

Tickets to another event, merchandise related to the occasion, commemorative items or gifts can all be sold within the venue using kiosks that are separate to any concessions sales. With mPoS, these kiosks can be placed pretty much anywhere, and can be moved to areas where they either experience the most foot traffic or can ensure that they don’t obstruct walkways or create delays for fans moving around the venue.

Multi-functional venues require easily adaptable PoS solutions

Live sports venues usually don’t just host sporting events; they are now multi-event venues. They are often used for everything from music concerts to business conferences and exhibitions. If the venue only has one way for people to make purchases, this can limit revenues and the types of events hosted.

With mPoS, this barrier is simply removed. Mobile transactions can take place anywhere within the venue, which is ideal for an environment where the needs and requirements of the hosts and customers regularly change. mPoS kiosks that can be set up anywhere within minutes, or staff with mPoS devices secured to them, who can roam to wherever they are needed  provide flexibility to easily adapt for hosting different types of events, opening up more revenue generating opportunities.

If you’re a sports venue or stadium looking for mobile point of sale tablet stand or enclosure solutions to maximise your event-day revenue and better meet the needs of your customers and staff, contact us at or call us to see how we can help.

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