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Universal Tablet Enclosure Kiosk Stand

A solid tablet enclosure kiosk stand for use as an everyday standalone kiosk solution with maximum security

The Tablet Kiosk Stand is a stylish yet substantial stand-alone tablet enclosure kiosk, suitable for a number of tablet and iPad kiosk applications, that is robust enough to withstand everyday use in busy environments. This universal tablet kiosk stand is unique to the standard tablet stand as it combines both aesthetics and comprehensive security, in addition to providing a modularity not seen before in a product of its type.

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The tablet kiosk enclosure supports a range of tablet devices using an interchangeable insert to securely fasten the tablet in place. This can then be turned into a freestanding or desk/table top tablet kiosk stand, for a wide variety of applications across many industries including self service kiosk applications.

Perfectly suited to public kiosk use as a sales or information point

Tablets offer a number of benefits when being used as a kiosk  stand including security, customer familiarity, affordability and hardware diversity. Combining tablets with a tablet or iPad kiosk stand enclosure solution and supported apps, it becomes easy to create easily accessible sales or information points in your business.

Highly secure, rigid tablet enclosure kiosk

Built with the latest in screw-less secure barrel locking technology from Kensington, the tablet kiosk mount offers maximum security without losing the essential style and ease of use associated with tablets.

Easy to use insert with secure lock

The tablet itself sits on a sleeve designed specifically for a wide range of popular tablet models within the body of the tablet kiosk enclosure. Should there be a technology re-fresh with a different tablet, it is simply the case of exchanging the solution fascia and sleeve rather than the entire kiosk tablet enclosure.

Tablet kiosk enclosure across multiple applications

A tablet kiosk stand like this allows you to interact with your customers and offer messaging, direction, web browsing and kiosk stand applications, wherever you do business

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