Bringing the SpacePole touch to HP’s Engage One (ElitePOS) point of sale system

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In support of the launch of the sleek and versatile HP Engage One (ElitePOS) point of sale system, we are delighted to announce the release of our Engage One screen mount adaptor which enables compatibility with our market leading SpacePole Essentials range of technology mounting solutions.

By combining the great looks and performance of the Engage One, with the Essentials product set, we are maximising the application opportunities in the retail, hospitality and banking sectors for which Engage One was developed. With discreet cable management, excellent tilt and rotation, this combination allows for the Engage One to be retro-fitted to any SpacePole mounting solution installed at the point of sale with the simple addition of the specially designed adaptor.

Whether an upgrade utilising existing SpacePole or installed as a new point of sale system entirely, the modularity of the SpacePole Essentials range allows for the greatest flexibility when adding additional peripheral hardware such as payment terminals, printers, and scanners to the HP Engage One and thus creating one of the most sophisticated and eye-catching point of sales solutions on the market, today.

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