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When your brand is all about style and sophistication, the physical store needs to reflect that look. At the point of sale, a compact and ergonomic layout of the technology is a must. It is what the customer would expect of such a prominent fashion brand, and one that should deliver the best in customer service in such a busy environment as the UK’s Bicester Village retail outlet shopping centre, where two stores are serviced by 37 checkouts.

Users of SpacePole technology mounting solutions since 2012, Ralph Lauren looked to upgrade elements of their existing solution by adding a mount for the operator screen, which simplified the counter on the store assistant’s side. At the same time, a swingarm with Chip & PIN mount to take the incumbent Verifone VX820 was also included, which allowed for the payment terminals to be taken off the counter. Once again, this tidied up the look of the point of sale but more importantly added physical security by minimising the risk of damaged payment terminals and cables – an inherent problem when not mounted, and damage to the paint surface of the counter top as the terminals are passed back and forth.

Ralph Lauren SpacePole

By providing modularity and a quality build within the original solution, we were instantly able to offer an upgrade which left the original SpacePole and mount in situ and simply added extra functionality for both operator and customer alike.

With over 7 million unique installations worldwide, it is no wonder that SpacePole is the technology mounting solution of choice for over 60% of the world’s top 50 retailers.

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