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With RBTE at London’s Olympia upon us very shortly, the current talk in retail is of relevance and convergence. The UK high street and out of town retails parks have taken quite a hit in recent months as winter dragged its way through to a dismal Easter that kept footfall out of the stores.

All of this combined with the ever-present risk of those retailers unable to keep relevant with the convergence required between their online offering and bricks and mortar stores has led to the demise of names such as Toys R Us and dire profits warnings from several very well-known high street names.

Omnichannel experiences

Making sure that a multi-channel strategy is well thought out and joined up is paramount to the success of any retail operation in such a complicated business, where customer loyalty can be fickle at best.

Click & collect is case in point. Now seen as a de-facto standard; as a function it needs to work seamlessly with day to day store operations. Anecdotes of customers waiting to speak to a store operative whilst the queues at the point of sale are full of those collecting a package or making a return abound, and it is in situations like these where the use of appropriate technology can make such a difference.

Rather than bottling the staff up behind the counter, portable devices ensure that the store assistant can remain mobile and continue to provide advice and service across the store.

Introducing the OpenSpace Duo

On show for the first time in the UK, at RBTE 2018, the OpenSpace Duo™ is the ideal mPOS platform for these type of away from the till applications. It enables a combination of smart device and payment terminal to be connected via a physical electronic interface in an optimised form-factor for both weight and balance for ergonomic use.

Reliable and easy to use, OpenSpace Duo makes combined scanning, payment and POS applications available anywhere in the store This mPOS platform provides for the best connectivity in class and marks out the OpenSpace Duo from other solutions of this type.

Used with either the Ingenico iSMP4 or Verifone E355 payment terminal, OpenSpace Duo is the in-store personal assistant that brings mobility to the operator and great customer service to life, whether as a queue buster, seasonal pop up mPOS solution, or in personal shopper applications.

The future of traditional retail

It should be remembered that according to recent surveys, 90% of purchases are still made in-store. The bricks and mortar shopper has not gone away! Devices such as the OpenSpace Duo put technology into the hands of the store assistant that enables them to serve the customer across the store and away from those obvious pinch points. Not forgetting the 90% whilst ensuring a convergence of multichannel retail is a difficult balancing act. OpenSpace Duo can play its part in keeping the retailer relevant and the customer happy. A win-win all round.

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