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National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show, which was held January 14-16 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City was attended by over 36,500 industry leaders. The conference featured over 500 educational sessions, from culture to artificial intelligence and one message remained constant throughout the three days: Bricks and mortar retail is still alive and well!

The Ergonomic Solutions Group used NRF 2018 as a showcase to display several products new to the market. Our OpenSpace Duo™ stole the limelight and you can read more about that product on our dedicated OpenSpace Duo article. Complementary to the OpenSpace Duo is the OpenSpace Solo™ which enable both static and mobile payment solutions across the store, with one payment device.


The OpenSpace Solo is a docking station for the new M-Case Plus™ that enables safe and secure placement for a range of on-the-move payment devices from Ingenico and Verifone. The payment terminal is simply slid into the M-Case Plus sleeve, which acts as the interface between the payment terminal and the docking station for on-the-stand charging.

The device is complementary to the OpenSpace Duo mPOS platform, meaning that all of your static and mobility payment requirements are met with just one terminal.

NRF also saw us introduce SpacePole Accessibility Arm, which answers the need for all people to be able to comfortably use payment terminals for purchasing transactions. Combined with our SpacePole payment mounting solutions, the accessibility arm is easy to use. Both the operator or user can simply lower or raise the payment terminal to the appropriate height by moving a lever that controls the arm.

For the burgeoning Quick Service Restaurant market, the SpacePole Drive-thru solution answers the very real problem of taking payments in a time pressured environment while protecting the payment terminal. Fitted with a MultiGrip® plate, it is compatible with devices from all leading manufacturers such as Ingenico and Verifone and when fitted with ClickSafe® security locks, it helps fight fraud and meet PCI best practice recommendations.

Card payments, and contactless in particular are drivers of change in applications and verticals where cash was always thought to be king. Legislation by various Governmental organizations is also providing a requirement for taxi organizations to accept easy to use card payment solutions. The SpacePole Headrest Mount is a flexible solution that enables payment while seated in the back of the vehicle. Its three mounting options ensure flexibility and allows the driver to mount more than just a payment device, as the MultiGrip bracket allows for the mounting of a tablet for in-car information purposes.

NEW Taxi Headrest Mount

Why bring payment mounts to taxis? Card payments, and contactless in particular, are drivers of change in applications and verticals where cash was always thought to be king.

Legislation by various Governmental organisations is also providing a requirement for taxi organisations to accept easy to use card payment solutions.

In fact, installing and mounting payment terminals to be easily and ergonomically used by the taxi passenger is now a necessity with the increasing use and success of organisations such as Uber and customers preferring to pay by card rather than cash.

• Universal seat mount for in-car credit and debit card payments
• Security enabled with ClickSafe® tethers
• Reduces twist and turn for both driver and passenger
• Easy use for back seat passenger
• Bracket with MultiGrip™ interface for both payment terminals and tablet mounts
• A range of mounting options
• PCI best practice compliance
• Competitive price point

NEW Drive-Thru Payment Solution

With over 60% of business typically taken via the drive-thru, this customer experience is one you cannot afford to get wrong. Unhappy customers do not return. However, using the right technology in the right way, can and does make all the difference.

Card payment transactions are one of the slowest elements of the drive-thru. Making sure the transaction is as efficient as possible in terms of accuracy and speed, contactless or manual, is key to that customer experience.

• Secure payment transactions at the drive-thru
• Ideal for Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) environments
• Protects payment devices from drop and cable damage
• Flexible design to accommodate various payment terminals and functions
• Ergonomic operation for those taking payments
• More secure PIN entry for customer
• Speed up transactions at the point of payment
• Reduced threat of theft

If you are responsible for customer satisfaction within your organization, please contact us to see how our 20+ year industry expertise can help surpass your experience objectives.

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