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Catering at a Premier League football ground is probably one of the greater challenges faced by any club on match day, given the time limited scope to serve the fans prior to kick off and even more so at half time.

Fans want quick efficient service and patience can run a bit thin when much is at stake on the pitch.

It was a problem recognised by South London team Crystal Palace who invested in contactless payments as a means of reducing transaction times and increasing the number of fans it could serve during those brief refreshment breaks.

With transaction amounts almost always lower than the banks limit of £30, it was the obvious way to go. However, it quickly became apparent that cash was still king and the anticipated improvements had not occurred as had been hoped.

Kane Bridgeman, General Catering Manager at Crystal Palace, someone who has many years’ experience in this kind of environment, understood the wider benefits of mounting payment terminals and contacted Ergonomic Solutions to seek a solution.

In addition to the contactless payments issue he was also keen to minimise damage to the terminals and cables which can be a consequence of such busy trading environments and, of course, the associated repair and replacement costs.

By mounting the payment terminals, he reasoned, they would be more obvious to the fans and easier to use, whilst offering physical protection to the devices themselves.

The solution was to order the very latest addition to the SpacePole range of payment mounts.

SpacePole Stack is a robust state of the art product. Manufactured in glass fibre reinforced composites, it has a wider base allowing for better cable management and stability – both important factors in an application such as this. It also provides for two different heights, straight out of the box.

Using patented MultiGrip plates, SpacePole Stack is compatible with all payment terminals from the leading manufacturers such as Ingenico and Verifone.


A successful pilot installation took place in February 2017 and the bulk of the order was delivered that April. The results were almost instantaneous as Kane Bridgeman explains, “We have seen an immediate and significant conversion to cashless payments and as a result have been able to serve many more customers in the tight window of opportunity that we have to operate in.”

He added, “We approached Ergonomic Solutions as the go-to organisation for payment mounts. They delivered on time and within a very tight turn around. We couldn’t be more pleased; the solution has done exactly what we hoped for”.

Of course, mounting payment terminals has many advantages across a wide range of retail, hospitality and commercial applications, and this story also has resonance in quick service restaurants anywhere.

Apart from the obvious physical protection that payment mounts offer to the terminals, they are also an enabler of the technology such that the device provides the maximum in benefits for the operator and the user alike that was intended.

This was clearly the case here, as Crystal Palace has seen a quantifiable increase in its sales, through simply serving more fans. It has also reduced the amount of cash that it has had to deal with. For the fans, the queues have shortened and the customer experience improved.

So now, those empty seats at the start of the second half can be a thing of the past.

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