We celebrate our 10,000th SpacePole prototype product

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Congratulations to the Technical Sales Support team! We have just recently produced our 10,000th prototype. Since the very first days of the Ergonomic Solutions Group, a “can-do” and customer first attitude has been at the heart of the TSS offering, and over the years, this engine room of success has delivered technical sales support for our customers across the globe.

The agility of our company which is a pillar of our 2020 vision, is due in no small measure to the work of the TSS team. They are often incredibly busy with requests and often have been a proven differentiator when it comes to a competitive tender.

The bar chart above evidences the growth of the level of requests over the last three and a half years and they continue to re-invent themselves as the business grows and our product set evolves to meet the requirements of the industries we serve.

The TSS Team Celebrating

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