Tablets and Mobility – the key to unlocking the personalised shopping experience

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It remains a sobering fact that the success of retail, in these challenging times, is determined, in significant part, by the way they can create a joined-up shopping experience – one which reflects and complements, in-store, what the customers take for granted, online.

Devices such as tablets and their associated apps enable the customer service that consumers expect and retailers strive for. Retailers need to ensure that they deploy technology in the most appropriate way to enhance that customer journey, assist their own staff’s productivity and provide the maximum return on investment.

Maximum Flexibility

Few tablet-based applications are entirely mobile or entirely static. Products such as the OpenSpace Dock & Charge™ enclosure and docking station provide the tablet with maximum flexibility whilst at the same time addressing two key requirements for the successful use of tablets in a day to day environment– security and charging.

The Queue Buster

Dock & Charge turns a static application such as online cataloguing into a mobile platform in an instant, bringing connectivity, mobility and tablet security to that device. Finding the checkout area busy and a queue forming, Dock & Charge is simply unlocked from its base and used as a queue-busting mPOS device, with an attached payment terminal.

It’s a win-win!

Compatible with Apple and Samsung devices, Dock & Charge is the ideal enabler of customer facing applications across the store. At home as the heart of a tablet based mPOS solution, its instant mobility brings the personalised shopping experience to life. Good for you and good for your customers!

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