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Out with the old…

                                ….and in with the new!

The end of April and early May saw some very tangible evidence of the great progress being made across the organisation in respect of the implementation of the new corporate re-brand.

Our Norresundby office rolled out new signage outside the buildings on April 21st, with Epsom following very shortly afterwards with a full office re-brand which took place on 4th May.

Ergonomic Solutions Epsom Office

Moving forward the “new look” got another public airing at the RBTE trade show which took place earlier this month in London.

Of course, buildings and trade shows are two of the most visual examples of the re-brand in action, but behind the scenes, work has begun in earnest on a wide range of re-branding activities. Product re-branding using our crescents has now been defined and our websites, internal messaging, graphics, and ops related material including packaging, are now well underway.

When we launched the project, it was our aim to have completed the roll out across all areas by the end of Q2 and we remain on track to deliver in that timescale.

We will continue to keep you up to date with the latest re-brand developments across the organisation.

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