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The UK’s Côte restaurant chain was founded in 2007, and following its acquisition by the CBPE Capital Group in 2013 has expanded its operations to include 84 restaurants by the end of 2016. Very much seen as an upmarket restaurant chain, Côte prides itself on its restaurant environment and the customer dining experience.

Customer satisfaction from the outset

That dining experience begins the moment the customer arrives, either with a booking or off the street. If they have booked they expect a seamless welcome where they are shown directly to the table, and for those that haven’t booked, either a table or information as to the wait time.

Providing the customer with accurate and easy to find information is the key to creating a great first impression.  The traditional diary based reservation system and paper floorplans were potentially a source of inaccuracies and were very limited in the kind of information that could be relayed to the customer. Therefore, in October 2016 Côte embarked upon the introduction and commissioning of a new tablet based reservation and table management system developed by itrack Software.

Bringing Innovation to life

The itrack application provides the operator with a visually interactive floorplan and reservation system which totally transforms the management of the restaurant. It allows online bookings to be handled, provides a greater level of customer information on wait times and can reduce table “turn times” during busy sessions.

The tablet, in this case an iPad, runs the itrack application, but the solution itself needs mounting to enable the benefits that the application seeks to deliver. Côte were already a customer of Ergonomic Solutions, and they selected the new Dock& Charge charging and enclosure platform as the mounting solution for the trial installation in seven of the busiest restaurants across the chain.

To successfully deploy tablets within Côte’s commercial application, a number of key requirements had to be addressed. These include security and the ability to charge the device in a way that doesn’t require a change of tablet or unsightly cabling. Dock & Charge provides these with a style that is totally in keeping with the Côte surroundings.

Côte has found the rollout easy with an almost “plug and play” simplicity to the installation of Dock & Charge. Whilst in a static application at Côte, the enclosure can easily be unlocked from its docking station and be used as a mobile solution as required.

A hit from the word go

Whilst the trial has only been running since November, the staff using the device have been very positive in their feedback, finding the solution easy to use, stylish, and professional in looks whilst providing the stable platform from which to operate the new front of house itrack application.

Although only in the early stages of deployment, it is clear that Dock & Charge is the ideal mounting solution on which to launch the itrack reservation and table management application.

Ensuring a great customer experience is vital and that begins the moment the customer walks into one of the Côte restaurants. Dock & Charge has provided a platform for the application that is stable, secure and looks the part. It also takes away the worry of remembering to charge the tablet. It is the final piece of the jigsaw.

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