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For the most part, an electronic payment device in an outside environment is like a fish out of water. With four popular shoreline facilities, an array of aquatic experiences, attractions and adventures and huge crowds of visitors each day, year-round, the North Carolina Aquariums are committed to serving their guests seamlessly. That means implementing fast, easily accessible ticketing and retail processes that suit each facility’s unique requirements while providing consistent guest touchpoints across all locations.

The Aquariums’ programs include indoor, outdoor, and underwater tours and adventures, as well as special recreation, education and conservation events and exhibits, summer camps and venue rentals. The ability to provide guest services both indoors and out, not only streamlines ticketing and admissions but also offers additional revenue streams such as equipment rental, fishing tackle, beach supplies, and gifts, refreshments, for sale in close proximity to site-specific activities. At the same time, operating outdoor or remote payment devices creates increased risk of theft, tamper, and damage due to harsh temperatures and humid saltwater environments.

The Aquariums evaluated a number of technology mounting solutions but found most of them too big, bulky, inflexible or unattractive. When their software vendor recommended SpacePole, they were delighted to discover a total solution that meets all their security, flexibility, durability and performance demands The solution incorporated an Ingenico iSC250 payment device on a SpacePole’s DuraTiltmount coupled with a ClickSafe® security tether.

“SpacePole is the only product available that offers the level of security, versatility and accessibility we need for all our different uses in a standard set up,” says Kris Smith, the Aquariums’ Technology Support Analyst. “DuraTilt allows us to mount the payment devices outside when required, and to detach and move them inside at night, in inclement weather, or when ticket windows need additional lanes. It lets us keep the devices safe.”

While comparing products, Smith looked closely at the range of SpacePole technology mounts and security tethers “But, to be honest” he says, “we haven’t really needed a lot of variation in the hardware because of the inbuilt tilt-and-swivel motion and adjustable settings. It’s ready to go right out of the box, and is supplied with the correct number of screws, installation tools, and all the needed extras. That’s where the value is – in all of SpacePole’s self-contained security features.” After a small pilot, over 100 DuraTilt mounts are now in use.

Besides providing physical security for the payment devices, DuraTilt is ergonomically designed and ADA-compliant to improve comfort and accessibility for all users, employees and customers alike. Its sleek design, rugged construction and small footprint complement each facility’s aesthetics while maximizing available workspace. Its smooth tilt-and-swivel operation optimizes the iSC250’s functionality by making it easy to conduct EMV, MSR, contactless or any other type of payment transaction.

In compliance with PCI v3 standards, DuraTilt combined with ClickSafe security tethers allows authorized device detachment for regular security inspections and device upgrades. UV-print security seals are also part of the solution, which provide visible proof of potential tampering.

Even as payment technologies continue to evolve, the North Carolina Aquariums concur on the ideal technology mounting solution. “Overall, the mounts are rock solid with a lot of versatility and security features,” says Smith. “We’ve had no problems with SpacePole hardware. I could see no reason to change in the future.”

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