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Ergonomic Solutions’ PCIP (PCI Professional) Jan B Jakobsen, attended this year’s European PCI Community Meeting which was held in Edinburgh in mid-October. Highlight of the event was an update by Tim Cormier, Manager for Device Standards at the PCI Security Standards Council who spoke on the subject of ”Protecting yourself from Skimming and Other Attacks”. The same presentation was also given to attendees at the North American PCI Community Meeting held in Las Vegas last month.

The presentation was a run through of the Skimming Prevention: Best Practice for Merchants showing examples of terminals that have been breached and highlighted the expanding use of 3D printed overlays as a means of skimming. Among other things, he also showed the video we showed at our sales conference earlier this year with the two criminals adding a 3D printed cover to a payment terminal at a gas station.

One important element of the presentation was focused on securing terminals at the point of sale and training of staff. The main output of the session was that securing the terminals with locks and stands is a good and secure way to mitigate against skimming attacks at the POS. For Jan, the most important message from the presentation was the caption stating “Secure your terminals”, and that is really the essence of Requirement 9.9.

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