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Flügger is the leading supplier of paint to the painting and decorating industry in Scandinavia. They currently have 290 company owned outlets and about 270 franchise shops which also operate under the Flügger banner. Traditionally a “trade only” supplier, Flügger is branching out into mainstream retail and is presently running a campaign to educate the general public to the fact that the brand is now accessible to all.

Interactive customer display points

Once in store, and to ensure that the customer experience is a strong one, especially since they are really dependent on first impressions to engender loyalty and help spread the word, they have decided to introduce interactive customer displays and information points. These are specifically to undertake customer surveys and gather opinions that will underpin Flügger’s future direction in their drive to broaden their customer base.

SafeGuard S-Frame tablet enclosure

Ergonomic Solutions has provided the stylish SafeGuard S-Frame tablet enclosure to provide the backbone of the customer information point, and as is often the case, there was a requirement from the customer for a customised version of the product. A re-designed front-plate for the enclosure was developed and manufactured which covered the home button of the tablet to prevent unauthorised access to the device.

flugger s-frame lifestyle

Hosting the application is the iPad Air 2, which is kept secure by way of a state of the art Kensington lock, meaning that the S-Frame solution provides the required security whilst maintaining a practicality for everyday use.

The tablet itself sits on a sleeve designed specifically for a wide range of popular tablet models within the body of the S-Frame enclosure. Should there be a technology re-fresh with a different tablet, it is simply the case of exchanging the sleeve rather than the entire enclosure, providing great return on investment and longevity of the solution itself.

The entire solution is floor mounted for ease of placement and customer use through a stable and sturdy floor-stand which also contains the power supply, which, of course, remains out of view.

This deployment demonstrates the versatility of the SafeGuard S-Frame through its ability to enable tablet based applications across the store. In a world where the customer experience is everything, easy-to-use and flexible solutions that make it simple and intuitive for customers to provide feedback, are playing a crucial role in today’s omni-channel retail environment.

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