How can OpenSpace Tablet Mobility Solutions benefit your workplace?

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Mobility is where we see technology evolving to

Do you remember back in the day when computers were the size of living rooms, mobile phones were over-sized bricks and watches simply just told the time? As technology grows up and permeates deeper into our every day lives, the amount we interact with it has increased considerably. This also applies to businesses who start integrating technology such as tablets in new ways to enhance existing processes. The end result of this is a requirement for our technology to be available always, immediately to hand when we need it.

At Ergonomic Solutions, we realised this shift in in how we utilise technology and decided to launch a a new range of products to support the idea of ‘mobility’. Enter the new range of OpenSpace tablet mobility solutions – designed to keep you moving while retaining immediate access to your technology solutions.

Introducing OpenSpace

openspace logo

OpenSpace is a selection of products to support tablet mobility – fully portable carry cases, pouches and straps to make using your tablet simple and easy no matter where you are or what you are doing.

SlimCase Tablet Enclosures

The OpenSpace SlimCase is the centre of OpenSpace range of products. Designed specifically for each supported tablet, it’s a plastic composite frame that snaps securely onto the tablet offering moderate protection and attachment points for additional straps and OpenSpace accessory options.

openspace slimcase

Tablet pouch

The tablet pouch is a soft canvas case designed to be a universal fit for all 8 to 10 inch tablets available today. The soft interior keeps the tablet protected from knocks and bumps and the open top means it can be accessed at any time. Perfect for all types of environments where tablets are in constant use like restaurants, retail and trade show events.

openspace pouch

Hand and Shoulder straps 

OpenSpace hand and shoulder straps are designed specifically to work with the SlimCase range of tablet enclosures. Available in both hand and shoulder varieties, you can be sure that your tablet will be kept secure and close to hand always.

openspace straps

When is OpenSpace needed in your life?

Don’t be like that chap in the header image and live perpetually on the edge of dropping your expensive iPad or tablet device. Be smart and get an OpenSpace tablet pouch – simple, stylish and a great solution to keep your tablet protected while still having it available to use when you need.


Have you noticed when you go to somewhere like the Apple Store and the staff are running around with iPads to take your order? Tablets are becoming common in retail to support fast customer interaction and OpenSpace is perfect for making this type of retail a reality.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurant staff are always on their feet so latest trends gives servers the flexibility to take orders on a digital device like a tablet which can send orders to the kitchen quicker than ever. Combined with mobile payment solutions, OpenSpace makes it simple to manage a complete order process simply and effectively.

Trade show events

Trade shows are a great way for businesses to create new opportunities, generate leads and catch up on the latest industry news. Using a tablet device supported by OpenSpace to capture those contacts means less business cards to manually enter after the event, easy access to photos and videos and quick access to showoff your company website or digital presentations with prospective opportunities.

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