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Charging and storing is key for tablet integration

The recently published Tablet TouchPoints Insights from Ergonomic Solutions noted charging and security as one of the five key areas to be addressed in the planning for a successful deployment of tablets and other mobile devices.

In today’s unified commerce world, customers expect their bricks and motar visit to the high street to replicate the information and applications available online. Failure to create that seamless shopping experience will see the customer vote with their feet, literally.

Monsoon, always a trailblazer in the retail world, embraced the opportunities enabled by the use of “away from the till” services and deployed a truly mobile point of sale mPOS solution. Featuring tablets, mobile payment terminals and cordless scanners, the solution improved and personalised the customer experience and also allowed a re-work of the sales space to increase the range of merchandise available.

A reliable solution

But as mentioned previously, a charging solution would be a critical factor in the success of this mobile deployment. The initial choice proved unreliable and also not really suited to the rough and tumble world of the shop floor. Monsoon therefore looked for a reliable re-charging solution which also provided secure storage whenever any of the devices were not in use.

Each store runs five mPOS solutions meaning that there are potentially up to fifteen devices to charge and store at the same time. The UCS charging solution from Ergonomic Solutions comes in a range of sizes and the mid-size accommodates exactly the required number.

ucs mini inside

Enter Universal Charging Station

UCS with its sturdy construction and ability to be either mounted directly on the floor or remain mobile on casters was an ideal choice. Lockable and secure, it also features intelligent charging meaning that the devices will be charged to the level required, which again was highly advantageous with the mix of devices in use.

Each store has one UCS playing a vital role in ensuring that the mPOS solution delivers day in, day out, enabling an in-store experience that is aligned with Monsoon’s online offering.

As an interesting footnote, during opening hours, staffare able to store and charge their mobile phones, such that they are safe and ready for use during breaks or at leaving time.

UCS is proving invaluable as an enabler for Monsoon’s mPOS solution, delivering that unified commerce strategy, so important today. Devices remain charged and secure, protecting investment in technology and their brand on the high street.

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