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Success in retail in 2016 and beyond will in the most part be measured in the ability of a retail organisation to effectively join up the online and offline customer experience and deliver, in store, what is taken for granted, online.

Celebrating 20 years in business this year, Ergonomic Solutions is the leading global supplier of innovative and ergonomically designed technology mounting solutions that help deliver the in-store experience that retailers strive for, and the customers expect. We have over 5 million unique installations worldwide, and in the retail sector we supply over 60% of the world top 250 retailers.

Our design philosophy is driven by the needs and requirements of a rapidly changing retail marketplace. Our technology mounts unlock the potential that new technology offers by being able to provide mounting solutions that are upgradeable, secure, and adaptable to change whilst integrating with the technology to the benefit of the operator and the enhancement of the customer experience.

Our in-house R&D team works with a design philosophy based on sound knowhow and a desire to keep developing our products as well as processes. Integrating form and function as key elements, understanding the use case and focusing on quality in all aspects of the products is essential to what we do. Ultimately this brings long lasting products to the market and creates real value to the people using them every day.

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We have 20 years of experience of being at the forefront of innovation through our understanding of the role of new technology integration, such as Chip & PIN, contactless and mobile payments, along with the evolution of broader strategies such as multi-channel, and now, unified commerce.

SpacePole® technology mounts are therefore developed in partnership with global retailers and technology suppliers alike. Application areas suited to our products extend across the store from POS, payment, digital signage, self-service, customer service, mobility, and through the supply chain in areas such as warehousing, and logistics.

SpacePole payment solutions are easy to upgrade should there be a re-fresh of the payment terminal. A simple change of our MultiGrip™ plate to one that fits the new device is all that is required. Our famous SpacePole, tested through 250,000 cycles, needs no replacement. A living example of this is the Post Office in the UK, which is now on its third technology re-fresh –on the same SpacePole!

Self-service, or assisted sales; tablets transform the customer experience and have become a durable and intrinsic part of today’s multi-channel world. Technology is changing fast and retailers have to keep up with the demands of their internet savvy customers. We developed the lightweight X-Frame to address the fact that mounting options need to be more diverse than ever. X-Frame provides that solution for Android™, iOS™ and Windows® based tablets. In fact, such is its flexibility; we are able to provide a solution for a new tablet brought to market – within 10 days!

Today’s retailer needs to balance the investment they must make to provide that customer experience with the knowledge that they are guaranteed a return on investment. Our products unlock the ultimate potential of the technology to maximise the benefits for the retailer AND customer, alike.

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