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The new S-Frame from Ergonomic Solutions provides a robust yet stylish, modular and secure aluminium finished enclosure that allows business to unlock the potential of their tablet estate.

Aesthetic in style and modular in design, S-Frame answers many of the challenges faced by businesses with the desire and requirement to provide instant information, access to online services and applications such as mobile POS and payments from a static payment or information point.

s-frame reverse duratilt flip
s-frame modular tablets

S-Frame provides a modularity not seen before in a tablet enclosure. The tablet itself sits on a sleeve designed specifically for a wide range of popular tablet models within the body of the S-Frame enclosure. Should there be a technology re-fresh with a different tablet, it is simply the case of exchanging the sleeve rather than the entire enclosure.

Built with the latest in screw-less secure barrel locking technology, the S-Frame offers security without losing the essential style and ease of use associated with tablets.

Two versions of the S-Frame are available

  • SPSF001 with the lock on the front casing
  • SPFS002 with the lock on the rear casing

The S-Frame can be combined with a range of mounting options including the new SpacePole Select range, broadening the range of applications suited to tablets. View the SpacePole product page for full details.

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