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Point of Sale: Point at which a sale is made, the ownership (and usually the possession) of goods is transferred from the seller to the buyer, and sales taxes (such as VAT) become payable. Commonly, at a retail checkout counter.

In today’s online driven 24/7 shopping environment, today’s bricks and mortar stores need to maintain relevance to survive. The customer expects a joined up customer experience; one that reflects what they find online, in store. While omnichannel retail demands many mobile app based solutions usually running on tablets, there is, and will also remain the necessity for static Point of Sale systems.

Therefore, to ensure that the customer experience is as positive as those away from the till services, these customer engagement points must deliver fast and dependable operation, be accessible for payment transactions and provide an ergonomic, productive workstation for the operator. They must also ensure full utilisation of the IT hardware, legal compliance and best practice.

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New in-store technology and associated apps have created a more engaging and seamless shopping experience that needn’t be static. These away from the counter mPOS solutions and services featuring tablet based applications in conjunction with mobile payment terminals can make the customer experience personal, interactive, and generate additional revenue streams. By being mobile, there is an extra benefit an increase in the available sales space to increase the range of merchandise available.

Ergonomic Solutions has almost 25 years of understanding of retail Point of Sale. There are over 10 million SpacePole installations globally, and our tablet enclosures, sleds and accessories are supporting the current revolution in the in-store shopping experience. Whether you want an iPad EPOS system, or mobile, yet secure, card payment solution for any application, we can provide flexible and robust systems to suit.

SpacePole POS Mounts

Our core POS range, SpacePole Essentials® POS mounts is a space-saving, flexible and ergonomically designed mounting system for EPOS and card payment technology. Its design maximises workspace and integrates fully with new and existing furniture.

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