Payment solutions to enable safe, secure transactions

Point of Payment: Point at which a customer executes the payment for goods or services. Often incorporated within the Point of Sale, but may be separate, particularly where the transaction only relates to services, for example payment of public transport fares.

Payments, unsurprisingly, are the least favourite part of an in-store shopping experience. Lining up at the point of sale is slow and laborious and that desired seamless shopping experience can come to a grinding halt.

But you can make this a positive customer experience. By making usability, accessibility, and physical protection central to the planning process you can ensure that the correct payment solution is in the correct location.

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Static, contactless or mobile? Each have their place and we bring modular and easily upgradable payment mounting solutions to suit your payment transaction requirements – today, and tomorrow. Our payment mounting equipment is robust, secure and designed for both the customer and operator, giving optimum ergonomic benefit.

Over 4 million of our SpacePole Payment solutions are in use around the world today, whether it’s mobile credit card processing in-store, PayPal POS stands out and about, or a wide variety of other applications. For almost 25 years we have been the market leader and we continue to develop solutions for both static and mobile payments that are compatible with the latest PCI directives on physical security best practice at the point of payment and point of sale.

SpacePole Payment

Our secure payment solutions provide a range of tilt, rotation and ease of access options through the unique design of our DuraTilt, Stack and MultiGrip technologies – combining functionality, durability and aesthetic mounting solutions.

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