Make sure you and your business are fully protected for physical security

Who needs PCI DSS certification?

In short, any business that processes card payments has a responsibility to meet PCI DSS compliance standards, taking reasonable steps to keep customer card information safe and out of the hands of frausters.

Ergonomic Solutions is the only technology mounting solutions company to be an active participating member of the PCI Security Council. Our products are fully PCI compliant including the latest 9.9 requirement.

1) Did you know?

It is thought that on average, it takes a thief barely 30 seconds to replace a payment terminal with one that can be skimmed and that there are around 5,000 terminals for auction online, at any one time. Have you been made aware of these theft and fraudulent practices affecting other retailers in your area?

2) It could be you…

The crazy thing is that it is really quite simple to put measures in place to deter the opportunist thief, and these are the ones looking for an easy target – and it could very easily be someone like you.

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3) It gets worse

The loss of the terminal is expensive, cables too may be damaged. You may also face increased insurance premiums notwithstanding the loss of trust and reputation. But on a personal level, in today’s competitive marketplace, it isn’t going too far to suggest that this could result in a loss of revenue, staffing concerns from those who are the immediate victims of the theft and serious questions from your payments provider.

4) There is a simple solution

Using a payment terminal with a mount and security tether brings so much to a business; convenience, usability and accessibility for all, and a faster throughput of customers. Easy to fit and cost effective, these solutions can take away much of the potential threat.

5) Happy customers

The exclusive partnership that brings together SpacePole payment solutions and ClickSafe Security tethers from Kensington bring peace of mind to to you, and your customer. It is a unique solution combining the security knowledge and know how from the world’s leading provider of security mechanisms, with the world’s foremost technology mount – designed for every type of payment transaction application. With nearly 2.5 million SpacePole payment installations worldwide, your customers can carry out their transactions safely in the knowledge that you are doing all you can to protect their data.

PCI Paula, Here to help you keep your payment terminals safe from skimming and tampering

With the adoption of new security technologies around payment transactions, such as P2PE, EMV and tokenization, criminals are getting smarter and are turning their attention to the payment terminal itself.

We have already seen 3D printed overlays being used on payment terminals to capture card data, and therefore the last line of defence lies with the retailer who must prevent substitution and tampering. This is exactly why the PCI Best Practice recommendations on physical security become a vital part of a  successful PCI compliance strategy.

Let Paula guide you across PCI security for both fixed and mobile solutions.

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Download our latest PCI DSS Compliance white paper

SpacePole Payment solutions are proven, robust and follow the latest PCI-DSS physical security best-practice compliance requirements. This means that they comply with the following criteria – mandatory as of June 30th 2015;

  • Prevent theft or replacement with an unauthorised terminal
  • Prevent data capture from the payment infrastructure
  • Prevent the addition of skimming equipment to the terminal or network
  • Protect PIN data that is vulnerable to shoulder surfing
  • Protect unattended terminals and prevent physical removal
  • Protect not only the terminal, but the cables as well

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