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Consumer Expectations – Restaurant and Retail
Survey Results

Find out what UK consumers think about the use of technology in their dining out and in-store shopping experiences. Download the free report now.

The survey, run by Ergonomic Solutions in association with The Retail Bulletin, was carried out in October 2019 using the Maru/HUB platform. We asked 500 consumers about their perceptions and use of technology in restaurants and when shopping in non-grocery stores.

This consumer survey looks at some of the common frustrations that may be driving shoppers online rather than to the high street and finds out what makes diners more or less likely to make a return visit. It also looks at the attitudes of consumers towards the new technologies being rolled out across these sectors, and whether they improve or hinder the dining or shopping experience.

Download the survey results to get insights on:

  • Diners’ main frustrations when eating out or shopping in non-grocery stores
  • Which emerging technologies the consumers have used when eating out or shopping
  • Consumer opinions of the benefits or drawbacks of new technologies in restaurants and when shopping in-store
  • The impact that consumers feel these technologies will have on their future habits, whether shopping in store or dining out
  • How important human interactions are to consumers in modern day dining or shopping.

Complete the form to download the full report to find out how diners rate frustrations like slow service, waiting to catch the attention of staff, waiting for their table to be ready or trying to pay the bill. You can also see how shoppers rate issues like long queues in-store, being unable to find what they went in for, poor lighting, pushy shop assistants or inadequate fitting rooms.

Complete the form to receive the full report by email.


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